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About full archived forum
Shlama, Akhi Paul,
When browsing the archived forum, only the front part of the forum is accessible. Everywhere the replies are 0. Is it possible to see the replies and thus see all the archived forum? This forum is a big treasure. In the future You may pick up the best and compile a book.
Take care.
I wonder if I understand correctly the expression "Questions about how to use the forum? Ask them here!"
Hehe take it easy, the main man of the site is Paul who is very busy and maybe very ill. I agree that the archives don't work so well. But we have already chosen the best stuff and re-posted it in these new forums. I also have taken the best stuff from both forums and regurgitate it in my book.
Download my free book at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
Was the New Testament Really Written in Greek?
Thank You, Chris.

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