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Pentecost Connection?
Shlama Akhay,

Most Christians associate Pentecost with Acts 2 (the coming of the Holy Spirit) in the New Testament and a spring harvest feast 50 days (7 weeks + one day) after Passover in the Old Testament.

Traditional Judaism associates Pentecost (they call it "Shavuot" meaning "Weeks???) also with the harvest feast 50 days (7 weeks + one day) after Passover in the Torah (Lev 23:15). They also have a very ancient tradition connecting Shavuot with Moses receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai.

The Church of the East reads selected passages weekly from 3 areas of the Bible: First from the Torah (or Prophets) then from the Apostles, and third from one of the Gospels) I expected the reading for Pentecost to be from Leviticus 23:15 or other Torah passage dealing directly with the spring harvest feast.

It was fascinating to notice while sitting at my local Church of the East parish, that the Torah reading for Pentecost was actually Exodus 19 which describes Moses receiving the covenant at Mt Sinai.

While I suppose it is possible for one to make a general connection using the 3rd month reference in Exodus 19:1 with the possibility that the events of Exodus 19 may have taken place around the time of the first Pentecost (probably where Jewish Tradition comes from) it appears we have another example of a Church of the East practice stemming directly from its Jewish roots.


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