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Books of the NT, Peshitta and Lamsa
Hey all

I would like to ask - what books exactly are part of the Peshitta NT and for what reason are any omitted compared to the Western Versions?

Also, Lamsa in his bible includes all of the books according to the Western Version including Revelation, using Aleph and Tau instead of Alpha and Omega for example. If this is not part of the Peshitta, or any other books, where did he translate these from?

Also, would you all agree here that Lamsa in his 'light' books does a good job of explaining specific idioms and cultural peculairities i.e. the custom of offering something 100 times to someone even if it is declined in relation to Lot in the OT is a good observation.
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Shlama Akhi Gentile,

Since we get this question a lot, I've created a F.A.Q. entry here:

Revelation, Jude, 2Peter, 2John and 3John are not part of the Peshitta canon. These 5 books were translated from Greek into Aramaic by Philoxenus of Mabbug and Thomas of Harkel, both of the Syriac Orthodox Church in Byzantium, in the 5-6th centuries.

Lamsa used these translations, found in the 1890 Mosul edition (Roman Catholic Chaldean 27-book "Peshitta"), in his translation work.
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