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Final Analysis of Juckel's Study
byrnesey Wrote:You contradict yourself and just have answered your own question, so are wasting people's time by continuing the discussion. You speak of unity yet you criticise the Alexandrian. As you see the Alexandrian, so we see the Old Syriac. As you see the Alexandrian to contain errors, we see the Old Syriac, Alexandrian and even Byzantine to be full of errors. If you are going to "fight" wrong versions, you had better be honest with yourself and fight your precious Byzantine also. There can only be one...

I have nothing else to say, I just wanted to make known the uselessness of this discussion.

Shlama, Byrnesey,

In the academic world, 99% of scholars use only the Alexandrian Greek text, which is highly problematic. But this is the only thing that they know about. So the question is, How to open up their eyes and minds, so that they may recognise the value of the ancient Aramaic textual tradition of the gospels.

Now, what I'm suggesting is that this can best be done by building alliances with others who understand just how problematic Alexandrian text is. OTOH, if we only spend most of our time on fighting other Aramaic supporters, all those lazy academic mainstreamers will be left alone, and will never even get a chance to hear about the great value of the Aramaic textual tradition of the gospels.

Yes, I understand that you dislike the Old Syriac, and I'm _not_ trying to change your mind about it. Rather, I'm suggesting that your dislike of the Old Syriac, alone, is not going to advance the cause of making the value of the Aramaic textual tradition of the gospels better understood among the mainstream biblical scholars. Or among the general Christian public, who mostly listen to what these scholars are saying to them.


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