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Wanna-be Aramaic?!?!
Hi Paul:
I agree with you for the most part. I'm not going to split hairs over which looks closer.....


a) the similarity of the 6 A.D. inscription at Biracek to 6th Century Estrangelo.


b) the similarity between First Century B.C. Herodian Katav Ashuri with 12th Century Sephardic Hebrew.

You are probably being conservative, Paul. The origin of Estrangelo may be older than 100 B.C. Nevertheless, the Biracek inscription is the oldest known extant inscription. It's difficult to draw any conclusion as to the formation of the "original" letter forms (type text) without scribal artifacts from the time periods mentioned.

The Dead Sea Scrolls, date to the period mentioned, but there is not one Scribal Estrangelo Text from the same period. I know that the Qumran caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found were well preserved because of the dry desert environment, and the remote area.

I'm somewhat puzzled by the lack of extant First and Second Century Estrangelo New Testament texts. I can guess at what happened but I'd rather have solid evidence. Nevertheless, it's probable that the New Testament Peshitta (as well as the so-called Western Five) was originally written in Katav Ashuri, just like the Herodian text type of the Dead Sea Scrolls. It appears to me that the preservation of the New Testament texts in Estrangelo didn't take place till the 6th Century (perhaps sooner). By that time Estrangelo had developed to it's most beautiful scribal form (correct me if I'm wrong). Edessa became the hub of Christian scribal preservation and custodianship.

Stephen Silver.

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