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Wanna-be Aramaic?!?!
Shlomo SkammyManX,

The writing is the same no matter what script you use.

The difference in speach is slight:
Here's an exmaple:

moryo <- Western Aramaic (aka Syriac)
marya <- Eastern Aramaic (aka Syriac)
marya <- Original Aramaic (at the time of christ)

abo <- Western Aramaic
awa <- Eastern Aramaic
aba <- Original Aramaic

From a written point of view (letter-for-letter) they're written the same way:
m,r,y,a <- First Word
a,b,a <- Second Word

Why the difference between "o" and "a", because the vowel used for both pronunciation is called zqapa (originally it was pronounced as "a", but because of outside interferance it became "o")

Why is there a "w" instead of "b" that is because of outside influences.

The shift in pronunciation is slight, but the written text is the same. That's why a Western and Eastern Aramaic reader can read each others work.

In Lebanon if you go up to a city called Bshari you'll hear them pronounce all their words with an "o" instead of an "a", and in the capital you'll hear the "a" instead of the "o". But we all understand each other.

Hope this helps!


SkammyManX Wrote:Well I was proved wrong, but in a good way!

I am more confused now.

So now there are thousands of ways ( not literally ) to write Aramiac to to Speak it...

Which is the one that Jesus would write and speak?

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