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Wanna-be Aramaic?!?!

I am new to the langauge of Aramaic, or Assyrian or whatever it is its called. But I do know the script when I see it and recently I havn't been seeing it, in well...movies!

With the exception of The Passion which is mostly spoken (see the aramaic primary section for my defitency in that department) but in some other recent movies such as Stigmata and The Order in which someone had wrote "The Lanuage of Christ", I beg to differ!

Now on what ground do I, a beginner, have to argue -- well in comparing letters I noticed and remember with the ones I have been studying -- well...its not there.. For instance, one symbol from Stigmata was combination of | and < sort of like a K but not really -- I don't see on my chart of comparitive dialects and even more so rediculus is The Order in which its says "Blood In, Blood out" but in nothing aramaic at all, but the dood reading it says, "Its Aramaic! The language of Christ"

Now supposing I'm right, is this another Rembrant painting in which its "suppose" to look like aramic when its a completely different language, and how can they get away with that -- especially if its one of the main points of the movie?!

If I am wrong -- then I need a new print out because I am learning the wrong language!

Mark 11:22-24

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