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Hebrews written in Greek?
Rob Wrote:I've been challenged by a zorban to prove that the book of Hebrews was not originally penned in Greek. Any tips/observations regarding this topic would be much appreciated.

Hi Rob,
hope you are well! I always enjoy your posts here.
One that springs to mind is the use of two different words ofr priest in the aramaic version which morph into one greek word.

Consider this as well.
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It is often thought that the OT quote appearing in hebrews 10 5Therefore, when Christ came into the world, he said:
"Sacrifice and offering you did not desire,
but a body you prepared for me;
6with burnt offerings and sin offerings
you were not pleased.
7Then I said, 'Here I am--it is written about me in the scroll--
I have come to do your will, O God.'
comes from the LXX as it does not match the massoretic text.
James trimm who used to post here reckned that verse 7(?) matched the aramaic found in the Zohar more closely than the LXX...for what that is worth.

Here is some other stuff I cut and pasted some time ago from the archives here.
The first two were posted by James trimm and the last quote and comment by john mariucci (I think).
It seems with some of these church father quotes it is hard to really establish just what writings the actually referred to.

Eusebius (315 C.E.)
For as Paul had addressed the Hebrews in the language of his
country; some say that the evangelist Luke, others that
Clement, translated the epistle.
(Eusebius; Eccl. Hist. 3:38:2-3)

Jerome (382)
"He (Paul) being a Hebrew wrote in Hebrew, that is, his own
tongue and most fluently while things which were eloquently
written in Hebrew were more eloquently turned into Greek
(Lives of Illustrious Men, Book 5)


Eusebius says, (H. E. iv. 22) that:

"Hegesippus, (who lived and wrote about A. D. 188,)
made some quotations from the Gospel according to
the Hebrews, and from the Syriac Gospel"

Now this claims that in the days of Hegesippus, a Syriac
Gospel existed, and that it was a different book from the
Gospel according to the Hebrews.

And in the Passio Sancti Procopii Martyris, (annexed
by Valesius to the Hist. Eccles. of Eusebius, lib. viii. c. 1,
ed. Amsterdam, 1695. Annotatt, p. 154,) the martyr is said
to have been born at Jerusalem, and to have passed his
life at Scythopolis, where he performed three functions in
the church,- " unum in legendi officio, alterum in Syri
interpretatione sermonis, et tertium adversus
daemones manus impositione consummans ;" until his
martyrdom, under Diocletian, A. D. 303

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