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Hebrews written in Greek?

Eusebius states that Hebrews was written in the Hebrew tongue by Paul and translated by Luke or Clement into Greek. "The Hebrew tongue" refers to Paul's mother language as the language of the Hebrews, which was Aramaic, according to Josephus' testimony and the fact that Josephus wrote all his books in Aramaic and had them translated into Greek for the Romans.

See his Antiquities XX,21,18 - (or close to that). It would be difficult to make a case for any NT book being written in Greek , since Josephus makes it pretty clear that the Jews of his time in Israel did not understand Greek. The Gospels were written first to the Jews . Why would they be written in Greek first?
There is no logic to that position, no history and no evidence .

Please see my Aramaic Primacy links for my web pages which show computer analysis showing the Peshitta was translated into The Greek NT and not vice versa.This part is quite technical, but it is based on tons of data and is mathematically measureable and consistent ! It also is confirmed by analysis of The Hebrew OT and LXX model , and we know the LXX is a translation of The Hebrew OT. The data for the NT parallels the results of OT analysis, showing The Peshitta is the original text behind The Greek NT.


Dave B

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