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The name of Mary's father or maybe guardian
""For all involved, I would ignore such topics as this, they lead to speculation, distraction, and arguements. Chris brings this topic up whenever he needs someone to argue with. Paul was not the originator of the "guardian theory" and does not back it fully, hence it is just that, a theory. Paul told me specifically that he is unsure of it and would need more time to validate it.

Again, this topic is a waste of time. ""

Such a waste of time that Paul wrote an article on it and that scholars have argued about it for centuries <!-- sSleepy --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/sleepy.gif" alt="Sleepy" title="Sleepy" /><!-- sSleepy -->
you must be born again, you refuse to accept that.
If being born again is about attacking a Christian for seeing what others think of the Joachim-Yosip relation, and refusing to finally resolve problems once and for all, then stuff that... If being born again is about helping Christians instead of biting at their heels, then I'm all for it <!-- s:bigups: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/bigups.gif" alt=":bigups:" title="Big Ups" /><!-- s:bigups: -->
without being born again, as Jesus said, He does not know you. Many will say we did this and we did that, and he will say, be gone workers of iniquity, I do not know you.

You do realise this right?
Look, this is ridiculous. Just ignore me, and I'll ignore you. How's that? But you will have to ignore me. I tried ignoring you alone but that didn't help. Just leave me be. If you will not talk with me to resolve the problems you have with me, then don't talk to me at all.
for you Chris, the scripture provides no life unto another, hence no work for GOD.

It is impossible to ignore you Chris, you post topics that stir for your justification on your website, and nothing more, yet you do not follow the scripture in what it says to acutally be a Christian. You are not a doer of the word.

Therein lies the hypocricy of yourself my friend to figure out.
at least you indirectly admitted it, one small step for GOD.

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