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Oh hello there. I just wanted to tell people here a bit about myself. Stay awake please, thank you.

I guess I am not a 'Christian' in the factionalist sense, as I am not very keen on labels of this sort in general. In any case I don't recall Christ using this label. However, I do believe that the message of Christ was inspired by God and provides a good teaching for humans to follow with it emphasis on showing mercy, yet still adhering to the principles found in the instructions of Moshe.

So my main focus is on the sayings of Christ and his actual teaching. The narrative parts don't really interest me that much because we can all see that different writers are writing from different viewpoint based on their conception of Christ. What is important for us is his teaching that is inpsired through the higher power. And I use this site because I like to compare the words he said with the Greek version and come to a satisfactory conclusion on what he meant. What particularly intrigued me was the alternative interpretation of the 'eye of the needle' metaphor. The Semetic gamlo, as well as the Arabic equivalent jamal [I know some Arabic words from my work] , can be understood as a thick twisted rope and not just a camel, which fits the context better.

As for the various letters there are some interesting insights provided in them as to what Paul of Tarsus sought to do, and what is interpretation of Christ's teaching was. Whereas I don't think they are inspired by God I still think they provide an interesting ideological and historical insight.

So those are my thoughts anyway. I think it is very interesting to compare both sets of texts and this debate on which is 'prime' will go on and on. I also feel that the Peshitta Tanakh is rather undervalued because after all it is a translation from an early 'Hebrew' text [apparently] and it is perfectly possible that the early figures of humanity spoke what we label as 'Aramaic'. I think more time should be devoted to this as well and not just the evangel. I emailed Mr Thad about this and he appeared to agree [I think].
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