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Update Dave B's Peshitta Bible Codes and Primacy
I am posting several links to web pages on the Peshitta codes I have found. Some are articles I have written for Bible Codes Digest web site; some are excel files from my original experiment which is a search for 75 Divine names in Hebrew and Aramaic as ELS codes by skipping letters in the Peshitta New Testament. I have written somewhat on this in my original post on this forum.

Please follow the links in my articles posted by Bible Code Digest; they will take you to other articles I have written. No one else has done this kind of study that I know of. The results are very impressive and have led to other studies of word comparisons in Greek and Aramaic ,which confirm my conclusions from the experiment.

I conclude from the experiment of hundreds of searches that my hypothesis is supported by the results overwhelmingly , namely , that
"If God has coded the Bible text, He would certainly encode His Names and Titles in the text at many skip levels in highly significant numbers which could not be duplicated in other uninspired texts, thus leaving His Divine signature and watermark, showing that it is the original and Divine scripture."

This experiment shows
1.very powerful statistical evidence that The Peshitto text (27 book canon) is inspired ;
2. That it is not a translation, but the original text behind the Greek NT.

I have links here for exhaustive word comparisons in the Greek and Peshitto texts which verify these results, involving a total of over 10,000 words in Aramaic and Greek combined.

I hope to improve and increase the contents of these in the near future. Please ply me with your questions on this information.

These four are articles I have published on

The rest are tables and explanations of my experiments that demonstrate the Divine inspiration of The Peshitta New Testament
by searching for 84 Divine Names and Titles hidden in the text as codes by skipping letters (ELS's) Equidistant Letter Sequences and comparing results with a control text for each word search.

The results are phenomenal !

I hope more will check this out and comment. If you don't understand it, let me know and I'll try to simplify and explain it.

I believe the link :
reveals a method which conclusively proves that The Peshitta is the original and The Greek NT is a translation of it. It uses the Hebrew Old Testament- LXX model of original-translation by which to compare The Peshitta-Greek NT.
The ratios consistently support the same above conclusion !

These are not codes; they are merely word-pair studies done with
MS Word and Online Bible with Hebrew OT, Peshitta NT, LXX, Greek NT (Byzantine and Westcott & Hort), as well as Latin Vulgate.

Online Bible can search phrases or word combinations in any of the above versions and list all the verses along with as many parallel versions as I like.
I paste these search lists of verses into MS Word; MS Word can give statistics for each word I want totals for. I did a search for all occurrences of Ihsous in Greek, for example,listing all the verses in Greek and Aramaic parallel to each other;obtained total for the Greek word in MS Word and corresponding total for Aramaic "Yeshua" . I divide the latter into the former.The result is 96%.

Then I did the same in reverse; Searching all occurrences of "Yeshua" and listing all verses along with the Greek parallels at the same time. Word finds the total for the number of "Yeshua"; I then find the number of Greek Ihsous in the same list of verses which correspond to Yeshua and match up in those verses to the Aramaic. I divide the latter (Greek) into the former (Aramaic);
The result is 63%.

This is the pattern for an Aramaic original. It matches consistently with the Hebrew OT-LXX model. Since the Greek words are derived from the Aramaic text, it makes sense that a higher percentage of these will be matched to the Aramaic equivalent than the reverse.

The Aramaic does not derive from the Greek, therefore when I do a search of all occurrences of an Aramaic word and list all the parallel and corresponding Greek words, the ratio of corresponding Greek to the total Aramaic occurrences is lower.

This pattern holds consistently for large numbers of words- usually over 100 in a search. All forms of a word must be included, so it is important to know the language roots, proclitics, enclitics, Greek declensions,conjugations and irregular forms well.

I hope to get Dean Dana's attention soon so I can publish this monumental discovery, along with the codes !,[font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]0hl0l 0txwb$t[/font]

Dave B
This is very exciting Dave, as this may be the "proof" that many need...

Are teh results significant when compared to same searches in English/Greek/Aramaic/Hebrew books like Moby Dick and Homer? I still have Drosnin's Bible Code fiasco in my head where even Moby Dick "predicted" Drosnin's death... Whetehr that was statistically significant or not I don't know though.
Greetings Ahki Chris,

The findings of Drosnin's death in Moby Dick have no statistical significance and the probabilities are not comparable to the some of the longer codes presented in Drosnin's book, such as Hitler and the Holocaust , Dachau , Eichmann, Auschwitz, etc. in The Torah.

MacKay has nothing comparable to this and other long codes. The best he has is a seven letter long "Hannakuh" code .
This is a joke; I and others have found codes which run on to several long sentences of up to 81 letters. The probabilities of these are infinitesmal- one in trillions of trillions. The Hannakuh code is something like one in ten.

The History or Discovery channel recently had a show on the codes; they will run it again as it is very popular and has run now several times; I don't know when it will air again.

Thanks for asking.

More later.


Dave B
Yeah! I noticed too, that Brendan's site seems impressive but the results are no significant. And I think the Torah having "Torah" spelt out in every book, every 50 letters is pretty significant <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile --> I think what you do (and what Weissmandel) did is better than Drosnin's stuff. Looking for a signature in the Word I think is very good, as opposed to "gleaning new prophecies" and "searching for aliens in Lisan".
This is really really interesting. I can't wait to buy Rev. Glenn David Bauscher's book once it is published. We should give him our full support and encouragement.

I hope it will not be like Michael Drosnin's Bible Code where an unbeliever seized an opportunity to make a quick bucks out of the Bible Code. Drosnin gives us so much nonsense with his wild speculations about UFO.

Thank you for increasing my faith in Peshitta.
One of the first owners of the facsimile of <a href=""><b>Codex Leningrad</b></a>
Thank you Dan,

I will be posting more info here soon. I am looking for a publisher for my work. I believe The LORD will soon move the heart of someone to publish this discovery; it is time for the world to know the Divine original Bible- (Hebrew OT and Peshitta NT) and the science that verifies it.

It really is an awesome revelation. I am constantly awed at His word- (Psalms 119:161).

May the world soon stand in awe of Him !

Dave B
Looking for a Publisher for aramaic stuff? Why not try Dean Dana?
Ahki Chris,

Who is Dean Dana ?
The "only" guy who'd publish Paul's interlinear. He publishes Aramaic and Aramaic-related books his site:

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