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Are there Greek codes gbausc?
I read somewhere that they have been trying to find significant codes in the Greek - to no avail. Is this true? I looked at your site (or the one that publishes your articles) and found no section for codes in the Greek. If the Greek lacks codes, while the PNT has them, as the HOT does, that is very interesting indeed...
Hi Chris,

I have not yet found Greek codes. I have done plenty of searches for Divine Names in the Greek Textus Receptus, which is very close to the Majority Byzantine text (I believe the Byzantine text is the most accurate Greek text) and there are no significant results. Others have tried and have found nothing important.
I use the Greek as a control text by which to compare The Peshitta results, showing that the codes do not occur in just any book.
I also compared several hundred searches of the Hebrew translation of War and Peace. It also shows no significant findings; nothing like The Peshitta.

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The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit, be with you all.Amen

Dave B
Thanks, that is very indicative of which is the superior

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