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Acts 7

In Acts chapter 7 is Stephen quoting from the Septuagint, when he talkes about the 75 souls vs. 70 souls we read in the Hebrew bible? If He is, is this proof that the author of Acts wrote it in Greek? check out this quote I found of a anti-sacred name movement/anti-hebrew original site:

Many Old Testament facts are narrated by Stephen in his speech before the Jewish council. That he had read and studied the Old Testament in its Greek version is evident form comparing his words with both versions of the Old Testament. Stephen's count of the number of Joseph's kindred who went down into Egypt agrees with the Septuagint at seventy-five.19 The Masoretic (Hebrew) text has seventy.20

Is it just a coincidence that Stephen and the LXX agree? It is not. The Greek Old Testament is obviously the book he had read. The Holy Spirit is telling us something, if we will hear it: Luke wrote this book in Greek. Isn't it amazing. The people who wrote the New Testament quoted the Greek Old Testament as they wrote. The Greek Old Testament is a translation from the Hebrew. The Greek New Testament is the original. It was never in Hebrew. It is a Greek book.

okay..and another question...What does the Septuagint say about the burial places? Is there still a contradiction between what Stephen says and what the Septuagint says? I'm not sure about the aramaic, but going to look at the interlinear right now.

Matt. 5:17-19.

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