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Martin Luther William Tyndale and Aramaic
Does anyone know about Martin Luther and his readong of the peshitta?
Or Willaim Tyndale for that matter?

from the following link.

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Another master of the Ancient Aramaic language was Martin Luther. Luther wrote the German grammar based on the Ancient Aramaic. One of the characteristics that the German language shares with the Ancient Aramaic is the verb at the end of the sentence. Martin Luther also harmonized the various versions of Scriptures. He was a Catholic after all, like Tyndale. They simply knew very little if anything about the Church of the East and the original Ancient Aramaic Scriptures still in use in the East.
I found a quote here where Martin Luther states that the NT was written in greek.
anyone know how he arrived at this conclusion?

Martin Luther, in the year of 1524 wrote,

"In the measure that we love the Gospel, let us place a strong emphasis on the languages. For it was not without reason that God wrote the Scriptures in two [primary] languages, the Old Testament in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek. Those languages which God did not despise, but rather chose above all others for His Word, are the languages which we also should honor above all others. It is a sin and a shame that we do not learn the languages of our Book."

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I have no idea why Victor would call Luther a "master" of the Aramaic language. I'd be surprised if Luther even heard of Aramaic. Sometimes Victor makes some pretty odd claims.......
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