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From the Holy Mountain
William Dalrymple Wrote:"Separated from the rest of Christendom by their extreme isolation, the Nestorians (sic) have preserved many of the traditions of the early church which have either disappeared altogether elsewhere or else survived only in the most unrecognizable forms. Their legends???are fragments of fossilized early Christian folklore, while their Eucharistic rite, the Anaphora of the Apostles Addai and Mari, is the oldest Christian liturgy in use anywhere in the world."

William Dalrymple, From the Holy Mountain: A Journey Among the Christians of the Middle East (New York : Henry Holt & Co., 1997), 141.

Of course it's the oldest liturgy in the world - it's in the language of the Apostles! Now if only Dalrymple and the rest of the world put the same logic to the Aramaic NT used by the CoE, then suddenly a light-bulb should turn on, no?

Can you imagine - these people with the "oldest liturgy in use anywhere in the world" supposedly didn't have an NT in their own language until somebody was generous enough to translate the Greek texts into the very language that the entire thing was first preached in to begin with!


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+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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I bought this book a couple of weeks ago. It finally arrived today. Penny said "thanks for quoting another book". I guess she knows I'll probably end up buying any book if sounds like a good read.

She knows she would have much more jewelry if I had much less books. I look forward to reading this book anyway.


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