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Conder/Aramaic debate commentary
Akhan Paul started very well by limiting Conder's arsenal and focusing on the Peshitta. Naturally, as it was the error-filled Greek NT that lost Cnder his faith, perhaps the perfect Aramaic NT will bring him back.
Akhi Paul what happened? Man, I knew it was too good to be true. I knew he would chicken out without the priceless Greek contradictions >:

I still would have liked you to debate him though
drmlanc Wrote:Akhi Paul what happened? Man, I knew it was too good to be true. I knew he would chicken out without the priceless Greek contradictions >:

I still would have liked you to debate him though

My specialty is Aramaic primacy, I'm no Christian Apologist. Have no desire to be. There are plently others who like that sort of thing and are much better at it than I.

Mr. Conner's area of expertise is Atheistic Apologetics. It just wasn't a good match.

It's like putting up Tiger Woods against Shaq. First of all, what game would we have them play?

Even if I utterly convince him of the primacy of Aramaic and the Peshitta, what good could possibly come of that? Most of his objections to the faith have nothing to do with the linguistic aspect, and the vast majority of them would remain.

He would not convince me to reject my faith, and I would not convince him to accept my faith.....what's the point of convincing him that the message he already rejects is an Aramaic one?

Let's forget about this guy and move on with our work.....
+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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Okay... Perhaps I will debate him myself. Though I am very busy so there must be a large time limit involved, say a week or something.

And my debate can focus on anything. Even the Greek contradictions, because we have a special weapon against that...

As for our work, I have already finished Misc1, just waiting for someone to explain Valentin's "Abba aboun" post in the Aramaic primacy forum.
I have virtually challenged Conder to a debate in early-mid December. I am very busy with my secular work for the next 5 weeks, and for a few weeks after I would like to continue with the Peshitta studies. But then it's on...
Steve, can you give me the link to where Conder speaks of the Aramaic?

I've already explained several times why the challenge to a debate was issued and why the scope of that proposed debate would be limited. If you don't understand the reasoning, that's your problem and not mine.

As for Aramaic primacy, that is the purpose of this website. I do not wish to talk about any other topic with you or with Mr. Conder. There are other people already doing a great job in rebutting your arguments. That is a point you do not seem to "get."

I did not invite you to this website, so I'm unsure why you are here to begin with? Except maybe to continue in your adolescent attempts at "scaring" me? I'm shaking, dude.

Look at who's talking of "chickens", at least I'm posting under my real identity. Tell us, why are you here, oh mighty and brave Anonymouse one?

If you wish to continue your presence here, be sure to stay on topic. Otherwise, you are wasting our resources and you are not welcome.
+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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Interesting... On one side, Conder accurately tells that the 1st Century Judeans probably couldn't speak Greek, but at the same time, rejects that the Original NT is the Aramaic Peshitta. He makes some claims about teh Peshitta...

Perhaps then, Paul, you, I whoever should challenge him to a debate only on what he has said of it. If he rejects, who is chicken then?

You'd go for that right Paul?

nb: this possible debate would not necessarily cancel my planned debate with Conder in December
This is precisely what I want to debate with him about. What's the problem, then, with his coming on board and debating Peshitta primacy with me?

It seems to be a topic he has already touched upon....therefore, it is fair game to limit the scope of the debate to his claims about Aramaic vs. Greek primacy.

Do you see a problem with that, oh Anonymouse Beachmaster?
+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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Yes I see also the oddities here. I wish I had known earlier his claims of the Peshitta!

I discussed with him about having a debate only on this issue, as his website contains stuff on it. This should be good. Let us see who the true cowards are...
Paul, Conder is wanting to debate, even if on the Peshitta. Apparently his supporters told him of certain reules we didn't make up. There was some confusion, partly caused by anonymous one no doubt.

You can challenge him now if you want, he is online. Don't start teh debate, just challenge him to one, and arrange things first. Then there can be no excuses.
His site is interesting but he is a hater of a major degree. I really dought any sort of truth would be of interest to him, he makes his living of writing books about dought and running others in the ground.

Debate him if you want, but not sure if it would be fruitful.
You know that old saying by Bruce Lee, about your cup being full and unable to receive anything?

That does fit him well.

Looks like he was one of the lemmings that got involved in church activities without any foundation.
Naa you guys can keep him, he would just get lost again.
""After all, Darrell Conder has made public statements, and stands behind them""

Darrel made some grave errors about the Peshitta. When I noticed that and Paul challenged him, suddenly it wasn't enough for our dear friend Conder. He wanted more....

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