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I've watched wisdom in action here
For a while I've sat back and observed the day to day things at this site.

I watched how the old forum design was allowing too much of a free lance flame fest to occur. Then the design changed, a major change at that, beyond what I would have imagined. All these catagories, I couldn't believe how advanced this was. The thing that got me was how anti-greek it sometimes seemed to be in the sections. This started to eat away at me, not because I was stuck completely in the Greek translations, but because I admire truth and seek to always find it, even if it was in the Greek source.

As I read more and more new discoveries by you guys, there was always a certain mention of the "Zorba" dude. This eventually peaked after reading the articles by Chris. Though he most of the time would copy the quotes, the anti-greek talk was in them. I guess I started to loose it over it.

As I assess the situations and aftermath of things here, I'm beginning to see a work of GOD in action through you guys. It is humble, not overboard or extreme, but undeniable.

I watched Paul uphold the Peshitta time and time again at me; "Back off my Peshitta Dave, you pig! None shall pass!!!!"

I watched Chris collect the different discoveries and catagorize them; "More master!! More Greek for the fire!!!"

Then I watched something amazing. Craig, in his modest and wise approach, let the scripture prove itself. I felt a peace settle. I seen a fellowship happen. Truth unfolded.

Of this, I desire more.

EDIT: I did mean this in the best possible way, I have fellowship with you all <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile --> I hope everyone catches the seriousness and the humour also within.

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