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Two new articles on Beth-Gaza!
Shlama Akhay,

Thanks go to Akhan Chris once again for helping us to compile the most convincing examples of Aramaic primacy we have encountered in our studies.

The two new articles ("Split Words Part 2" and "Semi-Split Words") are now available. <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->
+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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Thanks Akhi, looks cool <!-- s:bigups: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/bigups.gif" alt=":bigups:" title="Big Ups" /><!-- s:bigups: -->

btw, while I am waiting for the two big poetry examples to come through, I am working on a Semitic idioms article and a contradiction one...

A new forum? Contradictions solved by Peshitta? This is massive, and includes of course examples from other forums and some that just don't fit anywhere. I think this topic is cool, as the Bible commands apologetics, and people have lost their faith over contradictions. Just a suggestion.
Done. <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->
+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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I took some time to look through the new articles that Chris posted. What is standing out in front of me in freaking bold letters is this:


Attitude and pride.

James Trimm got "seriousely" brandished by a big religious corporation (I think you can still access the review on the net) in a review of his new testament when he first published it. All because,.......attitude and pride. It got changed shortly thereafter by him, hmmm, I wonder why.

If you want people to take you serious about your work, I mean if you truley desire to publish such articles and improve the insight of GOD's word through the Peshitta, then knock off the attitude you have against others who see truths you don't yet. GOD is not limited to one language, and if you think that HE is, your not reborn yet.

Do anyone of you truely think that the peshitta is without fault, that it got every single word correct and was passed down to us intact lacking nothing, not a single mistake in any book? If you do, you lack the Spirit of Truth within you to show you the difference. I love how it brings across the word in a majestic appeal, and corrects where the Greek got it wrong, but I'm not oblivious to faults that are within it, nor am I strickly for the Greek and its faults either.

Someone posted about how everyone should be "united" and "slay the Egyptian dragon" that reared its head in the NIV and others. Well, your not gonna get anywhere, nor garner any support from outsiders that come across this site looking for truth, with this attitude up front.

If you really desire to have the Peshitta upheld in a higher position by future scholars than it currectly is, then edit out the argumentive "Peshitta vs Greek" statements within those articles.

If you don't think about presentation to others, then you will lose, and your not gonna get any blessing from The Lord over your work with the pride as prevailent in it, as it is. Without His blessing over it, it will die.

Now I'm sure Chris and others will be quite peeved over my assessment here, but this is truth, and many hate its "dividing asunder" ability. If you truely desire to win and have others "enjoy" your articles, then make them show truth instead of just prove a point, or put others down.

Most of the time I would be apologetic to others if I was too harsh in my approach, this is one time I can't actually apologise for that. It's harsh cause those articles are harsh.

Now flame if you desire, or take some time to understand what I see, either or.
No I have no desire to flame or offend. Nut I am also very honest, just as my Messiah was honest. Did he take Peter and say "look buddy, I don't want to hurt your feelings, put I think you may have opened yourself up to the bad dude just a scotch, let's see if we can take him out"? No, he said: "Satan! Get behind me!"

"Attitude and pride.

Not from me. I am completely humbled by all this.

""GOD is not limited to one language""

As the latest one shows, people have killed themselves and lost their faith over corrupted versions of teh Bible. Make of that what you will Akhi.

As for your God's blessings remark... Would God bless deception and sugar/coating or honesty?

The Aramaic wins easy over the Greek, and that's what I say in the articles. I don't say "you use the Greek, so you suck". If people can't handle the truth, then perhaps THEY are not true Christians, and have the spirit of delusion.


"Satan! Get behind me!"

No, He spoke a commandment to Satan: "Away with thee, Satan." And if you look at the next sentence it tells you what Satan had to do. He didn't get behind him,....."The tempter turned from Him (departed) for a while." He had to leave. The Greek and Old Syriac in this instance, was particular and brought the truth out and aligned it with the next sentence accordingly. Actually, you found another mistake within the Peshitta for me.

That is the truth, the spiritual imprint it contains, and how particular it is. It only comes from the Holy Spirit, of which you don't have inside you yet,...nor have you had any inclination to seek Him, and I highly dought you are reborn as the Lord said you were to be.

Just so you know, I was born by the blood of Jesus, Baptised in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and in the Name of Jesus. Prayed and fasted and received the indwelling Spirit directly from The Lord Jesus Himself with the witness of tongues following. Jesus Is Lord, and no one calls His Spirit delusional, such as you have.

It is attitude and pride from you. Constantly, throughout your articles, you slam the Greek and uphold the Peshitta as if it's faultless. One by one, you slam against truth, thinking that this Peshitta is completely faultless, and you find statements from others that do also.

Do you really think, are you naive enough to actually believe that the Peshitta is faultless??? Do you actually think that word for word it is completely and utterly faultless, not a single mistake??? There are thousands of scholars over the years that would rip you apart easily,....but no, have found something that none of them knew, huh?! Not a single one of them knew about the Peshitta huh? It's just one big conspiracy, isn't it?!

I posted 2 other examples of mistakes just in the first chaptor of Matthew, in another post, and you just found one for me in the forth chapter. Just so you know, we have no original writing from the apostles, at this time. That means the Peshitta is a copy, and that means it suffered mistakes also. And of what language the Evangelists spoke, no one knows. There is no original to rely on.

I worship HIM in Spirit and in truth as my Lord Jesus said we were to do. Your backbiting, provoking talk, and pride will do nothing to excell the truths that can be seen in the Peshitta. It would be nice to have someone show the truths, and how they expound upon the Greek better,..but no, anything to be argumentive and prove someone wrong at any chance from you. Slam after slam after slam. The Spirit of Truth doesn't take potshots at people just to do it, such as you have.

That's what your about in your articles, and it's plain to see that you lack the Holy Spirit to know better.

Tell you what, re-edit the articles and remove the backbiting your doing to folks and their work, and maybe they will be accepted better, as they stand, they are full of pride and attitude. In fact, why don't you attempt to get a review from them through a big company, say Trinity broadcasting, just like James Trimm did. Could be an eye-opening experience for you young man. Go ahead, prove me wrong.
My father gave me good advice abut people who say they have the Holy Spirit <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile --> You talk of my so-called harshness, which is lacking from the articles, but not from your posts...

As for Trinity BN, that is one blatantly Satanic organisation!
Is the Peshitta faultless?

Yea, thx, drive through.

Go ahead. Get a review from some publishing group. See what they say also, prove me wrong.
Well, I cannot answer for sure. I have nt yet found one contradcition in the Peshitta, but Paul Younan and Larry Kelsey perhaps have.

As for the Greek, I have found so many contradictions it is not funny.

If you then want to make the case that it doesn't matter whether you use the Greek or the Aramaic, that is pure ignorance. Obviously, we should always go back to the closest thing to the original, even if it has some mistakes (though I am not aware of any, and if there are, far fewer than the Greek).

People have lost their faith over contradictions in the Greek, and some (many?) even lost their lives over mistranslations.
And no you don't have the Spirit of Truth to know better. You just proved it. If you were part of the Lords, you would say Jesus is Lord along with me, and we would have fellowship in the spirit.

It's not me, it's the one who speaks through me. And have much to learn young man.
Dave Wrote:And no you don't have the Spirit of Truth to know better. You just proved it. If you were part of the Lords, you would say Jesus is Lord along with me, and we would have fellowship in the spirit.

It's not me, it's the one who speaks through me. And have much to learn young man.

You say such unprovoked inflammatory things and want fellowship? I wanted to ask if you had the Spirit of truth, but I won't bother wasting my time. Learn to respect others before giving Christianity a bad name.
Biggest mistake in the Peshitta was when Mary named Jesus, when the angel specifically told Joseph he would name him. Guess the Greek got that right, huh?

How many other mistakes are there in the Peshitta? Plenty. It's not the original, nor is it what GOD is using currently to save souls. If it was, you would have multitudes banging down doors to get it. Of course that is not happening now is it?
Do you speak in tongues as the word says is the witness to him indwelling in a person? I do. There is the proof. Now do you mister language master?
How about the Greek claiming that Jeremiah made the prohpecy in Matthew 27, while it was actually Zachariah? How about teh Greek telling us to HATE our parents, children etc? How about the Greek telling us that God forsook Jesus? How about The Greek having a totally nonsensical genealogies for Jesus? Many more...

All problems solved in the Peshitta <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->
"Do you speak in tongues as the word says is the witness to him indwelling in a person? I do. There is the proof. Now do you mister language master?"

You wanted to know if I had the Spirit of Truth, there is your answer, now do you have this witness as the word says? Answer up

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