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Where did everybody go???
This forum is kinda dead. But where is everyone? Are there no people left on earth that care about the Peshitta, and at least entertain Aramaic primacy as a possibility? Or are Peshitta primacists found in some groups on twitter, facebook and so on? Only a few years ago I asked here how people feel on Peshitta Primacy, and the replies were that it is all evident, now no one is even present.

I know that life is short and some of the defenders have fallen asleep. But where are all the people???
Jesus is the one true God of the Bible.
A while back I was having active discussions with @thirdwoe, and then all of the sudden he stopped posting completely. I hope he is OK.

As posted on top of the forum, Stephen Silver passed.

Andrew Gabriel Roth and co, based on info I see posted here:, seem to kind of be moving away from Peshitta.

@thirdwoe was saying for a while activity had moved to Facebook, but then even that page was deleted. I am not aware of any place where more activity happens right now. Would be interested to join if such place still exists.

Other people seem to have just slowly moved on to other focuses.

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