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Acts 18 In the Interlinear
Hi all,

A request to whoever is translating for the Interlinear. I would love to see Acts 18 translated

The Reason being is that in Acts 18:26 for the Alexandrian MMS it says Priscilla and Aquila. But in the Textus Receptus MMS it says Aquila and Priscilla . My point is "Why" in the Greek would one have a reversal of these names?? The Feminists run with this in the Alexandrian text to forward their agenda. She is mentioned first!!

What name order is in the Peshitta?

Thanks David

I think I broke the forums rules for getting away from Aramaic primacy... Sorry, David
The Peshitta has "Aquila and Priscilla", in that order at that place.

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