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1 Timothy 2:11-12
The same Aramaic word ܐܢܬܬܐ used in this passage can refer both to either a woman or to a wife of a husband, which Aramaic word ܓܒܪܐ in this passage can mean either a man or a husband of a woman. It is all a matter of the context of the whole passage that we can get the right meaning of the teaching.

in verse 12 the thought could be translated a number of ways, but basically seems to convey the meaning of one acting boldly over an authority would, being domineering or headstrong in actions would fit...or to presume to exercise authority over someone. In this context the wife over the husband, but generally the woman over the man. which in either case is out of order according to God's intended will for the roles of men and women as is alluded to with Adam and Eve being mentioned in the passage.

As you might know, elsewhere in Holy Scripture (1st Corinthians 14:34-35) speaks in similar terms when speaking of women and men in a Church setting, where God, through the Apostle Paul, again lays out the prescribed order of the roles of both sexes. In that passage there are different names used for the women and men, but can mean the same thing as the other names used in 1st Timothy 2:11-12.


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