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The Miraculous Peshitta!
The Miraculous Peshitta
In Acts 1:1-3 we read from the Peshitta: “I wrote the former book, Oh Theophila, about all those things that Our Lord Yeshua The Messiah began to do and to teach 2 Until the day in which he was taken up, after he had commanded the Apostles whom he had chosen by The Spirit of Holiness, 3 Those to whom also he showed himself alive, after he had suffered, by many signs for forty days when he was appearing to them, and he spoke about The Kingdom of God.” – (my translation)
The Aramaic word for “signs” is ܐܬܘܬܐ – “athwatha”. The same word can refer to the letters of the alphabet, or in the singular, to a letter of the alphabet. There are many letter-signs in the Peshitta New Testament which validate its divine origin. The Peshitta New testament to which I refer is the 1905 Syriac NT collated and edited by Gwilliam & Pusey, Pinkerton and Gwynn and published by the British and Foreign Bible Society, and republished by the United Bible Societies in 1979. This is the only critical edition of the Peshitta New Testament published to date of which I am aware. It is based on some 84 Aramaic manuscripts in toto.
The letter-signs to which I refer are numerous codes hidden in the Peshitta text which are found by skipping a particular number of letters in the text search for a particular word, phrase, clause or sentence. There are computer programs written for the searching of such codes in a text. The best one I know of is called Codefinder, which I have used since 2000. On Dec. 26th, 2000, I received the digitized Peshitta NT formatted to run with Codefinder from Roy Reinhold who distributes the program from his web site:
When I received this Peshitta module for Codefinder, I immediately began to search for a code pertaining to the birth of Yeshua. I searched for the phrase “Yeshua bayboose” – בִּאָ֝יב֗וּס יֵשׁ֨וּעַ – “Jesus in a manger” in Hebrew. The term results came up positive! There was one occurrence in the NT by searching all possible skip rates, skipping more than two letters each time, up to 51,000 letters each time in the search for this ten letter Hebrew phrase. The one occurrence was found by starting at 2nd Peter 1:2, letter 13 (a samekh ס ) which is the last letter in the Hebrew search phrase, and searching forward through the NT, found by skipping 18,474 letters of NT text from one letter of the search phrase to the next nine times (in the Eastern order of NT books. The General Epistles come after Acts, then Paul’s Epistles, Revelation, then starting at Matthew which is connected as a loop to Rev., then Mark, Luke, John and then Acts, ending at Revelation 15:3, letter 76 (Yodh- יֵ). This code phrase in itself is rather unusual a find; its probability of occurrence, according to Codefinder’s statistical analysis function, is one in 287. What is really astounding is that there is more to this string of letters found by skipping 18,474 letters of NT text from one to the next. If we continue from the first letter of the code (Yodh יֵ in Yeshua- יֵשׁ֨וּעַ) and go backward another 18,474 letters, fourteen times, we find 15 more letters added to the code which spell out, when reading beginning at the last letter found- Lamedh לֹ:
בִּאָ֝יב֗וּס יֵשׁ֨וּעַ יָצִ֥יץ אֱלֹ בֶּן אֱהִ֤י לָהִ֤לִֽן -
Lehelan ahi Ben El? Eeneets Yeshua bayboos!!
Where to lodge The Son of God? Yeshua shall blossom forth in a manger!
The entire code wraps around the NT, looped together end to end, from 2nd Peter 1 to Acts 27, only pages apart in the Eastern canon order of books, covering 96% of the NT!
The beauty of this message was overwhelming. Here was Hebrew poetry describing the irony of the circumstances of the birth place of the Son of God- in a bayboose- a feeding trough for animals in a barn!
The message is 25 letters in Hebrew. The probability of this message occurring undesigned, or by chance, is one chance in 100,000,000,000,000,000,000, or 1 in 100 billion, billion, or 1 in a hundred million trillion, whichever you prefer.
But this is by far the shortest of at least six coded poetic messages I have found in the Peshitta New Testament. I have presented these in my book Divine Contact, and two of them are in my introduction to my NT interlinear. I also performed an experiment in a search for 95 divine names and titles in Hebrew and Aramaic in the Peshitta NT, with statistical analysis assistance from Ed Sherman, a professional statistician and fellow of Price Water House Cooper, the world’s largest accounting firm. I will say that the results from that experiment are conclusive to the effect that the Peshitta New Testament was deliberately coded by a superhuman intelligence and skill throughout its pages at practically all skip rates from 50 up to 100,000 levels for most of the divine names tested.
A team of Greek scholars searched several editions of the Greek NT for codes in Greek over a four year period. The results were – zip! The Greek NT has nothing significant in the way of codes.
It was my code findings that moved me to accept the Peshitta NT as the inspired original, written by God himself. I then undertook in Spring of 2005 to translate the Peshitta NT in interlinear form. I finished and published it at the end of 2006. In 2007 I published The Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English. In 2009 I added Psalms and Proverbs to the NT volume. The Torah in Plain English came in 2014, Major Prophets in 2015, The Minor Prophets in 2016,The Former Prophets and Holy Writings- Joshua to Esther and Job in Plain English in 2018, as well as the complete Interlinear of the Peshitta Old Testament in Jan 2018. This year (2019) is finished and published the complete Bible in Plain English, entitled The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated (printed in harcover and in paperback) and The Original Holy Peshitta Bible Translated (E Book).
I can say that reading the Peshitta itself and translating it has only confirmed my belief that the Peshitta New Testament is the divine original, and that the Peshitta Old Testament is a much better representative of the original Old testament than is the edited Massoretic version of the Hebrew Bible. I believe also that the more you read my translation of the Peshitta, the more you will believe that you are reading a straightforward rendering of the writing of God The Spirit of Holiness to Israel and all mankind.
Every writing which is written by The Spirit is profitable for teaching, for correction, for direction and for a course in righteousness, that the man of God will be perfect and perfected for every good work.- 2 Tim 3:16
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