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Complete Peshitta Bible Interlinear published
I just published the whole Peshitta Bible in interlinear form as an ebook download for your computer or cell phone for $29.95.
This is the first and only complete interlinear translation of the ancient 1st century Peshitta Bible and takes up 2765 pages.
The Peshitta New Testament included is the divine original. I document this in 210 pages of notes. The Peshitta Old Testament is a 2000 year old translation of an unedited Hebrew Bible of the 1st century, which the corrupt scribes of Jesus' day had not defiled with their many alterations, which went as far as to remove the sacred name of God (YHWH) in 134 places! They also went on to make many other Anti-Christ alterations to produce an Anti Christ Bible. The Peshitta OT is a translation from Hebrew to its sister language Aramaic, but it retains many original readings which have been removed from the current Massoretic Hebrew edition used for most translations of the Bible.
Get my NT translations, books & articles at :
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I also have articles at

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