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Paris BnF syr. 342 - Eastern Peshitta
Eastern Peshitta manuscript dated 894 A.D (some pages are later).

click here

Check out Acts 20:28 (here line 10) and Hebrews 2:9 (here line 2)

Thank you so much, Phil. : )

Phil, do you know of any way to get a copy of this, so it could be printed out?

The Peshitta: Dated 894 A.D. 9th century, hand written copy in mostly original Estrangela script, with every page in good shape and very legible). Awesome find. Looks to be made available online just last year from France.

Matthew (1-36), Mark (36-57), Luke (57-95), John (95-122), Acts (122-159), James (159r-162), 1 Peter (162-166), 1 John (166-170), Romans through Hebrews (170-249).
Hi Thirwoe,

At the left menu, click on the arrow (the fifth icon). This will open a new menu (téléchargement et impression).
Then select:
 - PDF
 - le document entier
 - and the last box too (en cochant cette case...).

Finaly click the button Telecharger.

I hope this helps

Best regards

Got it...thanks. I'll have to brush up on my French... lol

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