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New Peshitta Interlinear and Plain English modules for E-Sword
The more I get to know THE REAL PESHITTA (Eastern Text of course), for, there is only one PESHITTA, the more I love its purity and uniqueness. Sometimes it is the little things, like below. Wink

Just know this, that when you have an English translation from an Aramaic NT text, which claims to be "The Peshitta", or, it says it is from "the Eastern text", like Lamsa's version, it will really be a hybrid version of the actual REAL PESHITTA NT, with some later readings added to it from the Greek versions and variants of the editors who produced the version.

The Western versions of THE PESHITTA also have a number of Western spellings of certain names and places, based on dialect and other reasons, and a number of added words here and there from the Greek version that give it away.

Once you get to know THE REAL PESHITTA, the edited copies, and various versions of it, pale in comparison.

You know you are looking at un-changed, and un-altered REAL PESHITTA, when you come across this brothers name, and notice the difference in spelling.

The two places in 2nd Timothy where this brothers name occurs, is 1:16, and 4:19, and I need to let Lars at Dukhrana know that the instance in 4:19 is not correct on the site, where the actual Khabouris Codex pages has the same spelling in both 1:16, and 4:19.

I checked the Peshitta NT's available to me here at my office, such as the Mingana Codex (1613 A.D.), the Asahel Grant (1199 A.D.), and they both have the same reading/spelling of his name as the Khabouris Codex has.

The Greek and the Western version of the Peshitta has it as 

Ὀνησίφορος  (Onesiphoros)
ܐܢܣܝܦܘܪܘܣ (Anisyphurus)

The Peshitta NT manuscripts listed above have it spelled the different way, and so do the Church of the East's printed editions of The Peshitta of 1886 and 2012. I need to check the 1846 printed Peshitta {Urmia edition}, which is the very 1st printed Peshitta edition made, but, I wont be able to until this weekend.

If anyone has a copy of The Yonan Codex and the Crawford Codex, I would be interested to hear how it is spelled in those two manuscript copies.


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