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New Peshitta Interlinear and Plain English modules for E-Sword
1905 Syriac Peshitta NT, Chuck. This is distributed by The Online Bible in Hebrew letters. Most online editions of the Peshitta are the same edition. I added nothing to it, nor did I delete a word from it. I simply translated every word in it. This edition is the only edition I know of on the internet which is based on dozens of collated Peshitta mss. instead of just one, and it can be found in printed form in the UBS 1979 Syriac Bible as well.

Show me a complete translation of the Peshitta NT which has only 22 books. In fact, show me a Peshitta edition in Aramaic only which has only 22 books, and you will show me what I have not yet seen, and I have been searching the internet for Peshitta editions for 16 years. Even Eastern editions have all 27 books in them. That should tell you something.
As far as I can tell, the Crawford ms. is a Western Peshitta- but it has Eastern readings in Acts 20:28 and Hebrews 2:9.

Tell me, Chuck, do you believe that the Western Five books (2nd Peter,2nd John, 3rd John, Jude, Revelation) are inspired, or not? If they are, why would we not have the Aramaic originals? Would God not preserve them as well as the rest of the canon? Or do you think he would have inspired 22 books in Aramaic and five in Greek? Just what are you saying about these five books?

As far as the phrase "Ena na" is concerned, I agree with Paul Younan's notation at John 8:13 (in Paul Younan's interlinear)- "In Semitic thought, the phrase "Ena-na" (I am) conveys a thought of eternal existence reserved only for Elohim."
I have translated the phrase to express this divine utterance and claim as "I am The Living God", as Lamsa expressed God's name in Exodus 3:14 as translated from "Ahiah esher High" (I AM WHAT I AM). Lamsa has "I am THE LIVING GOD".
So I have at least expressed the significance of this phrase as Yeshua's claim to Deity in my translation.
Pretty crazy, no? What else could he have meant in that verse which says: "If you do not believe that "Ena na", you shall die in your sins?"
Was he saying that we must believe that he exists, or that he is the Living God? You decide. Your soul and mine hangs on the answer we give and the belief we hold.

I am not going to get into more theology than that. Anyone who wants to can read my books to find out what I have said on the death of God and the scriptural support for my position. I do think we can all agree that the death of Maryah ( Lord Yahweh) The Messiah Yeshua was the most stupendous, significant and cataclysmic event that ever was or ever shall be. I will leave it at that.

Taybutha w'Shlama
Grace and Peace,

Dave Bauscher
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