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New Testament manuscripts from before 125 AD
What you need to do is retract your false accusation. And the 2nd link you provided shows again that you don't know much about The Church of the East, or its Doctrines.

But, I wonder, did you notice this part of the 2nd unofficial website link you posted? Did you read what this person said there on their site?

"....the Church of the East never officially adopted the Nestorian teachings, however, Rome considered it "Nestorian", hence, a "heretical" church that's worth "cleansing"..."

I admonish you to do some serious study on the matter, before you say any more about The Church or the East and its doctrines. I can point you in the right direction, so that you can know exactly what it teaches, if you have a heart to know the truth of it all. 

Here is one official statement put out jointly by both The Roman Catholic Church, and The Assyrian Church of the East, regarding the Christology taught by both.


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