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New Testament manuscripts from before 125 AD
Quote:They include portions of Mark, John, Romans and Corinthians and all date earlier than 125 AD.

That way, nobody will care if some people believe the mss to be authentic. Fools are on their own when something is obviously too good to be true.

Quote:They keep pushing back the publishing date - currently into 2017.

If I possessed biblical mss dating earlier than 500 CE, I would photograph them with the camera in my mobile phone and put them online within hours, then exhort anyone I trusted to back-up the pictures on their own computers so that if I would die, at least someone else could still make them available to the wider community.

If, o t o h, I had forged mss trying to make them look ancient in order to become famous, I wouldn't want anybody to examine them until I had reaped all the benefits they could earn me in terms of fame, web site visitors, invitations to hold lectures a s o.

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