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New Testament manuscripts from before 125 AD
(11-30-2015, 10:00 PM)cgjedi Wrote: There is a lot of puffed-up pride and faulty logic leaps showing in what you've written.  Maybe others won't call you on it, but an attitude check is in order.  Just because you know Aramaic doesn't make you a better Christian or mean you are any closer to God.

Yikes, I didn't realize that my personal testimony and deductions would be so negatively received.  Also, i was just trying to share the excitement and appeal of Aramaic, not some kind of 'holier-than-thou' attitude. Dude, seriously, did you really think i was suggesting that speaking Aramaic makes you closer to God than, let's say, helping the needy? If you read any of my other writings, you'd see plainly I'm not saying Aramaic makes a man holier. I'm saying that Aramaic is a way that some men are drawn closer to God through gospel study. I see now i should have qualified more clearly this statement "Those who desire to be exceptionally close to the gospel message today study Aramaic" -- by emphasizing better this statement that put it in context "He speaks to the heart, we know this." Context man, context.

I'll try a different approach to sharing thoughts with you. Here is a helpful article with historical citations that I learned a lot from:

The site has lots of useful historical research and codex factoids that can help answer your question:

Take care man,

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