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New Testament manuscripts from before 125 AD
By 125AD there was a HUGE demand for Greek translations. Christianity was spreading, fast, and far.  Those who purchased translations were often well-educated and quite well-to-do financially.  They preserved and treasured their Greek translations.  And the upper-class Greek speaking populations were far less likely to be ransacked by wars and such.  

The Father controls everything. It is quite logical that He wanted the gospel to spread throughout the world in all languages. What better way to spread the gospel in all languages than to hide the importance of the native language, to increase the importance of the way the message resonates upon the heart.

With that said, Yahshua the Messiah spoke Aramaic.  By itself, that's enough to elevate Aramaic to untouchable status. Those who desire to be exceptionally close to the gospel message today study Aramaic.  And the rewards are overwhelming.  The Father weaves the Aramaic words right into your own life in the most personal way. 

So, yes, the gospel was originally written in Aramaic, but it was given to the hearts of all believers in the Messiah.  He speaks to the heart, we know this.

By the way, don't be too impressed with the oldest codex.  As anyone knows who has ever read a bible with a loving heart, your book gets beat up.  You should see my copy of Younan's Interlinear, I've had it for 4-years perhaps, it looks like a 1978 Chevy.  It's our family bible.  I take to the park and read it on the grass.  My 8-year old daughter reads it between bites of humus tortilla.  If this bible lasts 30-years, I'd be surprised!

Be more impressed by the extreme diligence and rules of Aramaic scribes together with the testimony of the Church of the East, rather than the ability of mammon to preserve translations.

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