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Possible Error in Peshitta 1Co. 5:8? - Leavened Bread
I can't explain the details of the chart I linked to. My intention was to get some reference point and overview to the whole thread and the chart was the one I found with an image search that seemed to correspond best to your chronologies.

How would the poorest members of society have come in possession of the means to celebrate passover — unleavened bread and a lamb that *they* could  sacrifice? Based on my experience of society, I expect they wouldn't, but would have to starve or eat the freely available leavened bread that the middle class wanted to get rid of, whereafter the richer members of society could gleefully discriminate them for breaking torah. I'm just speculating but I would want to know if they could "observe" torah before considering if they intended to. There is a provision in Exodus 12:4 for households to share lambs, but that system would probably collapse in a dysfunctional society.

My attempt at a time line:
Mat 26:17-19      (before tea-time / daylight period of the 13th of Abib)
Mar 14:12-16
Luk 22:7-13

Mat 26:20-39      (beginning / dark period of the 14th of Abib)
Mar 14:17-39
Luk 22:14-44
Joh 13:2-17:26

Mat 26:39-75      (ca midnight to dawn of the 14th of Abib)
Mar 14:40-72
Luk 22:45-65
Joh 18:1-27

Mat 27:1-2, 11-44 (morning of the 14th of Abib)
Mar 15:1-32
Luk 22:66-23:43
Joh 18:28-19-27

Mat 27:45         (ca 12:00 - ca 15:00 of the 14th Abib)
Mar 15:33
Luk 23:44-45a

Mat 27:46-56      (about 3:00PM on the 14th of Abib)
Mar 15:34-41
Luk 23:45b-49
Joh 19:28-37

Mat 27:57-61      (late evening on the 14th of Abib)
Mar 15:42-47
Luk 23:50-56a
Joh 19:38-42

Mat 27:62-66      (15th of Abib)
Luk 23:56b

Mat 28:1-15       (dawn of the 16th of Abib)
Mar 16:1-8a
Luk 24:1-12
Joh 20:1-10
Issues would be that:
- 1st day of unleavened bread would refer to both 14th and 15th of Nisan/Abib, evening-evening.
- Jesus and the apostles never ate lamb together in this week

Are there any more contradictions?

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