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Possible Error in Peshitta 1Co. 5:8? - Leavened Bread
Brother Thomas,

Take a chill pill...and know that I am not upset with you personally.

The anti-Semitism and Replacement Theology thing was unwarranted, whatever your motives were. I have been on this board since 2005 or so, and I have seen no such thing.

Are you anti-Christian and anti-Church? I hope not. I am certainly not anti-Semitic, nor do I believe in what some teach in their "replacement theology" teachings.

Before I get to the subject again, which we are discussing, I want to make a few things clear first.

Thomas....You are not conversing with Mr. Rogers, or with Barney the purple dinosaur. Or with yourself! Smile

And you assume way too much there in your post.

If you don't want to hear what I have to say below...then stop reading now!

Still reading?


If what I say below is the last word on the matter, it is because you didn't like what I said, and or, how I said it. But, that would be fine with me, and it's your choice, not mine.

I am not confused about the matter, as you show me you are, and am telling you the truth, as is shown in The Scripture. I am not going to deal with everything at once, but a few points at a time. We can get to the other points as we go.

If you want to keep your opinions though, you are free to do so, but, it wont line up with what The Scripture says, as again I will show, adding more to what I said before.

I have read all your statements, and your opinions, and your interpretations. Not skipping or ignoring them, but choosing what to focus on at the moment.

And I showed you from The Scriptures how your theory simply does not work.

Also, I don't think, or act, or write things up as you do, because I am not you. I am my own person and do as I do, not as you do, or think I should do.

Just think if the world were full of people just like you, Thomas.

I like the diversity our Creator causes to be, and I like being the me that He created me to be. I don't desire to please you, by being like you want me to be, or to respond to you, like you want me to respond to you. I certainly will never ask you to do that for me.

I found it odd though that you said you didn't want my personal opinions or interpretations, just what The Scriptures say on the matter, and then go and appeal to a bunch of other men's uninspired opinions and interpretations.

Thomas, you have appealed to uninspired commentators, who only give their opinions and interpretations! And so you, following some of them in your interpretation, come up with this "chagigah", which The Scriptures says nothing about regarding this.

That theory has nothing to do with proper exegeses, Brother. That type of thing is called eisegesis.

Thomas, it was indeed The Passover meal that the religious leaders were speaking of, which The Scriptures records properly as such. You don't seem to want to accept that, as it wont fit with your theory.

I'm going with what The Scripture says.

And it says it was The Passover that the religious leaders were planning on eating that evening. And that evening was the evening of the 14th day, which The Scriptures say is the time to eat The Passover according to the Law of Moses.

But, Mshikha knew that He was going to die before twilight on the 14th day, and Mshikha knew that He was going to fulfill The Passover in Himself, He being the Lamb of Alaha, Our Passover, and that the religious leaders had determined to take Him BEFORE The Feast. They did so, as The Scriptures show, and they did so upon the Preparation of the Passover, the day everything was prepared for the Passover Feast the following evening of that 14th day.

They did as they planned to do, and He was crucified during The Preparation of The Passover, when the lambs were being prepared for the evening Passover meal, which was to take place on the 14th day at twilight. Leviticus 23:5

Mshikha is clearly shown by The Scriptures to be arrested, judged, condemned, crucified, and buried all during The Preparation of The Passover, NOT AFTER The Passover, as you are trying to make fly. It won't Thomas. It has no wings.

That Passover that year began upon the weekly Sabbath at twilight/sundown at the end of the 14th day, and so, it was a High Sabbath, being both a weekly and an annual Feast day Sabbath.

Mshikha rose from the dead upon The Feast of The First Fruits, that year falling on the 1st day of the week. You say here below that Mshikha died and was buried right before The Feast of First Fruits, and rose from the dead just after it concluded!

You said: "That is why I conclude, at least for now, that Yeshua ate a Torah-based Passover at the end of the 14th / start of the 15th, and he was executed and laid in the tomb on the 15th of Abib, just before the start of the weekly Sabbath (the 16th, which also happened to be the Feast of First Fruits that year). He then rose late Saturday night / early Sunday morning on the 17th of Abib."

Thomas, for good reasons Mshikha is called both "Our Passover" and "The First Fruits", both these Feasts He fulfilled with His death and resurrection.



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