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Possible Error in Peshitta 1Co. 5:8? - Leavened Bread
Dear Brother Thomas,

1st of all, I'm not sure where you got the idea that I said it was the 13th day. I said it was the end of the 13th day, and the start of the 14th day. This day {14th} was the time of the preparation for the Passover.

You said "I submit to you that Yeshua and his disciples must have eaten a Torah-based Passover (with a sacrificed lamb and unleavened bread) on the 14th of Abib, and then Yeshua died the very next day, the 15th of Abib."

But, Thomas, that theory just won't work, no matter how hard you might try to prove it.

Why? Because it won't stand the test of what is written in The Scriptures. You can appeal all you want to the opinions of men and their uninspired commentaries, but, I am going to stick with The Inspired Scriptures. You said you didn't want to hear my opinions, and then you appeal to many other men's opinions to help prove your own opinion.


Now, lets look at The Scriptures.

Both Matthew's and John's Gospel, in Matthew 27:62 and John 19:14 respectively, show that the conclusion you are holding to, can not be correct.

Both of the inspired Apostles show us that Mshikha was crucified on The Preparation of The Passover, not the next day after The Passover took place, as you say, but rather, during the time of its preparation, it thus could not have been as your conclusion maintains.

This time of preparation is also spoken of in Matthew 26:17, 19. Where the Talmide asked Mshikha where He had planned to eat The Passover, so they could prepare to eat it.

Now, this last point for now...

You say that The Passover Feast had already taken place before Mshikha was crucified, but, have you not read this verse of Scripture?

John 18:28 "Then they brought Eshu {Yeshua} from the presence of Qayapa {Caiaphas} into the Praetorium {i.e. The Judgment Hall}, and it was daybreak, and they didn’t enter into the Praetorium, so that, they might not be defiled before they ate The Peskha {The Passover}.

Note: This was the passage I was thinking of in the previous post, not the one about taking Mshikha down from the Cross.


What???? Two Passovers?


You see there Thomas... this was in the morning, after they arrested Mshikha in the garden late the previous night! 

Mshikha and His Talmide had departed to the garden, after they ate their supper together, during which He instituted The New Covenant in His blood, as they reclined, when Mshikha, Our Passover, The Lamb of Alaha who takes away the sin of the world, blessed and broke the lakhma {Bread} and said it was His Body, and blessed the Hamra {Wine} and said it was His blood.

So, this time of trial at the Praetorium was still the 14th day, still being The Preparation of The Passover. It was now daybreak, in the morning time, the sun coming up, and He was being lead to Pilate to be judged and condemned to death.

The religious leaders didn't want to defile themselves before they ate The Passover, which was to be eaten at twilight, at the end of 14th day.

You see...they had arrested Mshikha before The Feast began, as they had determined to do, and it was during The Preparation of The Passover, not after it took place, as you are trying so hard to say. 

So....Now that this has been settled by The Scriptures.

What was this "Passover" that was eaten that previous evening, before they departed to the garden to pray, which took place at the start of the 14th day (during The Preparation of The Passover Feast), which Feast was to occur as The Law of Moses says, at twilight at the end of the 14th day, not the beginning of it?

I know. Smile


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