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Possible Error in Peshitta 1Co. 5:8? - Leavened Bread
Someone told me long ago that the reason why the families of Israel were told to eat the lamb with unleavened bread (Exodus 12:8) was because Egypt were executing a genocide on them, and in such situations it is more important to act fast than to excel in cooking.

Quote:And thus ye do eat it: your loins girded, your sandals on your feet, and your staff in your hand, and ye have eaten it in haste; it is Jehovah's passover, — Exodus 12:11, YLT.

Curiously, while this explanation seems well thought trough, it requires that verses 15-20 be a later addition. It would say passover should be celebrated with the most simple food that can support physical activity (such as wandering through a wilderness), and that no effort should be made to follow traditions in cooking or pastry.

So, if you have leavened bread, if I understand this right, and you discard it and bake unleavened bread just for the sake of observing some rule or regulation, that would violate the spirit of the instructions as they were originally given. However, if Exodus 12:15-20, saying we may not even posses any leaven, were to be authentic, then all I see are contradictions too.

And I used to be member of a church which used meticulously prepared unleavened bread and red wine. And we wore suits and ties. But nowadays I feel pretty confident I have understood the point, so I go with potato chips and cranberry juice.  Cool

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