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Possible Error in Peshitta 1Co. 5:8? - Leavened Bread
Thank you all, dear brothers for your responses and insights. I appreciate and enjoy them. Personally, now isn't the time for me to discuss the Passover / "Last Supper" of Christ; but I'm still of the firm opinion that Paul was referring to the Torah-based feast of Unleavened Bread in 1Co 5:7-8--not a COE ritual. This is what I believe legitimate hermeneutics and exegesis requires, but I'm open to discuss doctrinal issues offline.

For the time being, I will refrain from using the charged term "error" to refer to what I see in the Peshitta for 1Co 5:7-8, but I think that the Greek's reading is more theologically sound. As Ronen pointed out, that doesn't necessarily make it first chronologically.

Finally, Ronen gave one suggestion (below), which I've put into my own words, and which I consider a possibility, but still not strong enough to overrule the enormous theological problem I would see with Paul telling people to keep the Unleavened Bread with "leaven."

"By Paul saying "NOT with the leaven of wickedness or deceit," BUT with the "__________ of sincerity and truth" we may expect to see leaven in that place."


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