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Possible Error in Peshitta 1Co. 5:8? - Leavened Bread
Shlama brother Thomas,

I don't recall any variant in the Peshitta manuscripts, for this verse, not that I have seen anyway, or have ever heard about. And I haven't looked at the printed versions of the Peshitta texts Etheridge says he used as his base texts, so I don't know what those printed versions read there.

I think it should be noted here, that from the time of the Apostles onward, till today, all Christians in the Eastern lands, both The Church of the East, and all the Eastern Orthodox churches, as well as the Roman Catholic churches in the West (The RC until about 1000 years ago), used/use only Leavened Bread for their Eucharist celebration. The Roman Catholics switched to non-leavened wheat, but, for the 1st 1,000 years, they did as all Christians did and still do.

And this is based on ancient tradition, that says the meal which Mshikha and His Talmide (Disciples) partook of that night, was done the night BEFORE the start of Passover week proper, or the Feast of Unleavened Bread which included the Passover day proper, and which began the next Sundown/Day, with the start of Passover Day proper, when they began to eat unleavened bread as commanded by God.

I have heard it said that the last meal (supper), eaten the night before the Feast days were to begin, was the time to use up any bread that was leavened, that rather than waste the leaven by throwing it away, they baked the last of it for that last meal before the Feast was to begin on the evening of the 14th with Passover day starting it off.

Notice that the Feast of Unleavened Bread (the 7 day Feast) proper, was to begin the next day after the Passover Day proper, not before it.

Mshikha though, died before sundown right before the Day of Passover began, He was put to death while the lambs were being slaughtered and prepared for the Passover meal to be eaten that coming evening. The unleavened Bread was to be eaten from that evening on, and then for the 7 days following the Day of Passover proper.

The meal that Mshikha and His Talmide partook of then, was eaten the evening before the Passover proper began, the next evening. Leavened bread was allowed to be eaten during that meal, which occurred the night before the Passover meal, and the start of the Unleavened Bread Festival (7 days following the Passover day).

Check The Scriptures to see that this right. And if you see something other, please point it out here.



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