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Steve's opinion of The Aramaic Scriptures (The Peshitta)

I will respond to your inquiry from personal experience as an ordained Deacon of the Church of the East.

If a book containing the Gospels, the Acts or the Prophets is found on an altar of any Church of the East parish, the readings contained therein must conform to the "hudra" ܚܘܕܪܐ which is the "cycle" of OT, Gospel and Epistle reading according to the seasonal liturgical calendar of the Church.

You should really pick yourself up a copy. It's quite an impressive work. About the length of your arm in thickness, and contained in three very large volumes. It's tremendous. I have a copy of all three volumes from Mar Addai Press in Thrissur, India. It is rare and would probably be very expensive. 

It even contains passages and hymns in Iranian and Turkic, from the days when the church was spread across the entirety of the Asian continent. 

For the same reason that an NIV, King James or any number of modern Assyrian or Arabic versions cannot be on the altar, no version which deviates from the official Peshitta can be (liturgically and legally) on the altar of the Church. Especially not in 12th century Baghdad. And not during the reign of Mar Eliya the Patriarch. This was his patriarchal cathedral.

If there were any indication that the version on question was anything other than the Peshitta, then we would expect that the hudra ܚܘܕܪܐ would have readings from the scriptures that reflected readings which depart from the Peshitta.

You can choose to follow common sense and reason/logic (not just take the word and experience of *every* clergyman of the Church of the East, or you can hypothesize and trust in a snake oil hypothesis.

Up to you brother. No skin off my back, I could care less frankly. But be prepared for ridicule by people who actually belong to this faith if you suggest anything other than the Peshitta was ever on an altar of Mar Sawrisho parish in Baghdad, in the 12th century. I don't care if it had Paul's personal handprint on it.

In love to you both (even Steve) Smile

+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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