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Steve's opinion of The Aramaic Scriptures (The Peshitta)

The more you try to deny the obvious, the more you show me that either you are being dishonest in your attempt to hold onto your ideas, or that you have no common sense concerning the matter at hand. Maybe a combination of the two. In any case, your motives are called into question.

If that 78 A.D. manuscript were not in "Edessen letters", what letters do you think it would have been in, since it was given to The Church of the East, in Edessa? It sat on a Church of the East altar in Baghdad in the 12th century. Common sense, Steve.   

And if it were not the same Holy Text as found in The Peshitta, upon all the other altars of The Church of the East, don't you think that it would cause quite a stir that this 78 A.D. manuscript would be different in its wording and content than the trusted Peshitta Text, always used, and said to have never been changed since the Apostles gave this Holy Text to The Church of the East? 


sestir asked Paul:

"Do you mean to say that Peshitta's status was such that even a book with provenience to year 78 Christ Era, if it were found to deviate from the common text, would be hidden away and replaced with a more recent copy of the Peshitta?"

Steve commented:

"I'd bet he would, as according to this ideology anything outside of the Peshitta is a corruption. Then again, this ideology would never admit that there could be an older or better text than the Peshitta. Peshitta Primacy is to the Syriac New Testament as King James Version Onlyism is to the English New Testament."

Sestir, until Paul answers, I'll say this. Clearly and certainly The Holy Text was the same in both that manuscript on the Holy Altar of The Church of the East in the 12th century as it was in all the other Peshitta manuscripts on all the other Church of the East's Holy Altars. Do you think that no one noticed any differences in the wording in that manuscript from the 1st century down to the 12th century? If they were trying to hide it, why would it have been used on The Church of the East's Holy Altar? 

As for The Holy Text, it has always been known that The Holy Text given to The Church of the East has not been changed since it was first given to it by the Apostles in the 1st century.

Are you leaving again so soon Steve? Smile

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