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Steve's opinion of The Aramaic Scriptures (The Peshitta)
ewww!! The Linguistic HeresyTongue

Since it is the difference between Old Galilean Aramaic and Classical Syriac that constitute the raison d'être for Steve Caruso's project, I would see his statement more as a marketing necessity than an actual opinion. 

Chuck, what do you think?
Did Jesus speak Classical Syriac?

I I r c, you wrote at one point that you used to be interested in the Western text before you discovered the virtues of the Eastern Peshitta. Was that the western text of the Peshitto or the Western textual type of the NT, as in Vetus Latina, Old Syriac, Codex Bezae et alia?

I would like to see something like Nestlé-Aland's Novum Testamentum but in Aramaic, based on perhaps just the 30 or so most important mss, including all variations in the apparatus and translating The Versions into Aramaic for the apparatus. It could feature either the Western Textual type or the Eastern Peshitta or both as critical texts.

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