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Beast from abyss, or sea?
Rev 11:7 in Greek says that beast ascends from the abyss. The previous reference to the abyss back in chapter 9 however, makes no mention of the beast. In chapter 13 however, in Greek, we see the beast ascending from the sea.

The Aramaic witness (contrary to the Greek) is consistent in showing where the beast ascends from:

Rev 11:7 The beast that ascended from the sea

is consistent with

Rev 13:1 And I did see the beast that ascended from the sea

Interestingly, some other English translations from Aramaic repeats the Greek error, despite having the correct Aramaic distinction of abyss (tahuwma) and sea (yama) in the Aramaic text. Janet Magiera's is one that translates 'yama' correctly in Rev 11:7 as 'sea'.


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