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Half-price offer to!
I did an announcement last year (or late 2013) about the website and I said at the time that I would give anyone coming from a half-price offer to the website. To make things easier, I have created a 'secret' page that is not advertised on the website, which allows members to either subscribe monthly for half-price, or get any one-off subscription for half-price. If you are interested, you can go to the page here:
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Also, have a look around the website sometime. It is progressing well. There is now a full set of lessons on the Ashuri script, the Estrangela script and the Serta script, with Swadaya coming later this year, God willing. There is also a full set of lessons on Learning Aramaic for Beginners, as well as good number of lessons on the History and Background of Aramaic. There are plenty of other groups of lessons and other resources too.

I recognise that there is still a lot of work to do, but I'm getting there! The aim of the website is to bring Aramaic to the world, and to really make Aramaic accessible to as wide an audience as possible. If you are speaking to people who are interested in what Aramaic has to offer, this is a good website to send people to, so that they can built up an understanding of Aramaic quickly in a structured, coherent way. Through this website, the importance of Aramaic is being brought to a much wider audience.

I know this forum has a lot of seasoned Aramaic enthusiasts who will find most of the material on the website fairly basic (so far), but don't worry, your time will come, and I will add some 'advanced' material as other progress is made. At this stage, the website needs a solid foundation where newbies to Aramaic can quickly understand what Aramaic has to offer.

So stay tuned - the website is progressing well. Rome wasn't built in a day!
Is it a place to learn Aramaic?
mcarmichael Wrote:Is it a place to learn Aramaic?

yes, check it out for yourself.
This Web site is an excellent way to learn all aspects of the language. The curriculum is well thought out. And the materials are objective yet not overly scholarly. This is a great price too. I wish to be a lifetime subscriber. New lessons are consistently being uploaded yet you can learn at your own pace without being overwhelmed. What a blessing. The Internet put to good use. Many thanks.

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