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CAL Website Question
I know this doesn't necessarily apply to, but I figured if anyone would know how to send an e-mail to the people who run the CAL website, it would be someone from here.

I found a slight issue in the CAL in Exodus 7:9 of the Peshitta. The last word of the sentence, tnina is connected to the word meaning "second." I realize the links to the lexicon are not always correct, but I would like to inform them so at least they can make an adjustment (or add a "note" like they do with the red-colored text). This word is actually not the word for "second" but is an attempt at transliterating taniyn from Hebrew, meaning "serpent" or "dragon."

So, if anyone has an email address I can send this to, or if anyone here would like to contact them, I would greatly appreciate it. Just in the spirit of textual accuracy.

Shalom b'Mashiach
Kaufman's e-mail is listed both in the FAQ-page and at the bottom of this page:
Even though it is not explicitly stated, I would understand it as indicating that he would appreciate corrections being sent to it.
(I am not involved in CAL)

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