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"Master YHWH" and "I AM"s in the Peshitta
<!-- s8) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/cool.gif" alt="8)" title="Cool" /><!-- s8) --> Shlama Akhi David:
Good stuff David. The Greek New Testament has been inadvertently washed "clean" of the Hebraic origins of Christianity. There are undeniable remnants of the huge body of Judaic/Hebraic culture in the New Testament. Hence, "tekhelet and tephillin". The word Hebrew is both derived from the name Eber ( fifth generation before Abram) and the word meaning "to cross over". Abram the Hebrew "haiv'ri" (Genesis 14:13) crossed over from Mesopotamia and John chose the site, at or about the same place, where the children of Israel entered the Land under the leadership of Joshua. This "crossing-over" has deep spiritual connotations as well as real denotations with boots on the ground. Christians of all persuasions must awaken to the truth that our lives and prosperity are affirmed in deep affinity within/with/to "the cultivated olive tree". (Romans chapter 11) This important "soul bound within soul" of Jewish/Gentile fidelity in the Body of Christ, is also affirmed by the practical literary affinity between the Ancient Aramaic and Hebrew, two living sister languages, used by the descendants of these two ancient people groups. The Jewish Siddur (prayer book) has used Hebrew and Aramaic side by side since Ezra the scribe and the establishment of the Great Synagogue.

I'm going way off topic, but I am attempting to edit this post to clarify my opinion. I do apologise for going off topic but please bear with me.

Unfortunately for today's Church Universal "supersessionism/replacement theology" is deeply rooted in the Church and minimizes the important role played by the Jews. Jews wrote the Bible, including the "Jewish Bible/Christian Old Testament". As well, the Apostles wrote the Peshitta New Testament. The Greek New Testament, translated from the Peshitta, which in all practicality and genuousness is a good independent witness of the Gospel of Christ, has been inadvertently, if not insidiously used to "help forward the affliction" of the Jews. (Zechariah 1:15) I suppose that there are some who would use the Peshitta to do the same thing. I'm quoting this verse as if it was written for this day and age, since history repeats itself. The Church Universal has been redeemed from paganism and heathenism and I might add anti-Semitism. Every individual living soul of humanity is made in the image of God, but not all of humanity realises this important truth. What began as a small Jewish sect has grown to become the Church of Jesus Christ universal. Various people groups are grafted into "the cultivated olive tree". The Peshitta New Testament affirms the Jewish roots of Christianity better than the Greek New Testament, in my honest opinion. It was not the mission of Jesus Christ, nor the intentions of the Apostles to see the Jews hounded and persecuted. Various libels against the Jews, perpetrated by the heathen, can in part be traced to derogatory interpretations of the scriptures. The Scriptures candidly record the relationship between God and his chosen people, the Jewish nation. Christians are also God's chosen, but not to the exclusion of Jews. There is one LORD Jesus Christ, one faith, and one baptism for both Jews and Gentiles. Christians who perpetrate anti-Semitism have not understood the Gospel of Christ.

I have edited this post to clarify my views. Nuff said!


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