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"Master YHWH" and "I AM"s in the Peshitta
Quote:mcarmichael I'm partial to the Greek translation of James 3:18. "Cultivated land" seems redundant, in this instance.
This doesn't seem redundant to me:
"And the fruit of righteousness is sown in the *shayna* [cultivated land] of them that make shlama [peace]."

Some are partial to the Greek translation of Mt 19:24:
"And again I [Yeshua] say to you that
it is easier for a gamla [rope] to enter into the eye of a needle
than (for) a rich man to enter into the kingdom of Allaha [God]."

Most translations into Greek have "camel" instead of "rope." Observes Barnstone (2012), 19, "In converting an Aramaic proverb into Greek, through a misreading... a 'course thread' became a 'camel,' fortuitously creating a wondrous metaphor."

At least two Greek manuscripts have the Aramaic correctly translated:
Bailey, Kenneth E. 1976, 1980. __Poet & Peasant_ and _Through Peasant Eyes: A Literary-Cultural Approach to the Parables of Luke__ (MI: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company), 238pp. & 187pp. On 165 of the 2nd half:
"Rather than _kamelon_, if we read _kamilon_ (as some ancient manuscripts give us) we are not talking about a large, four-footed animal but rather a rope."

Barnstone, Willis. 2012. _The Poems of Jesus Christ_ (NY: W. W. Norton & Company), 252pp.

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