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No way I'm the only Protestant who's figured it's ok........
I can't be the only Protestant who's figured it's "okay" to miss the "Rapture".

What is the Assyrian tradition?
No one is going to "miss the Rapture"...everyone is going to be resurrected when Christ returns, good and bad alike.
The rapture is a spiritual event that one can experience on earth. When Jesus stated two will be in a field and one will be taken this does not necessarily mean a physical event. The Spirit blows where it pleases and it comes into a heart unknown to others standing next to the happy recipient.
I always thought when I was a youth there would be a "Pre-Tribulation" rapture, and if somebody wasn't "raptured", that was it.

Because Christ is coming a second time, but not a third time, hey?

Come to find out, some people basically are expecting a "Third Coming of Christ", in essence.

Whereas I'm expecting a "Second Coming of Christ", on the last day, on the "last trumpet" (1 Cor. 15:52).

I await your response.
May I suggest reading:
The page that you cited, refers to a "physical event". What do we disagree on?

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