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CAL Wesbite Down?
Is anyone else having problems with the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon (CAL) website? I've been trying to get on for nearly a week straight now, and it keeps telling me the connection timed out. This happens on my computer as well as on mobile.

If it IS down, are there any other similar resources like it for Peshitta Old Testament and apocrypha books?

Shalom b'Mashiach
The CAL has sadly been hacked again. Someone injected a virus into the database and pulled it down.

No timeframe for when it's to go back up. Undecided
Dang...that really bites...

So since you said "again" I know this has happened before, but how frequently? And how long does it normally take to get it back up and running?
The first time someone broke in, downloaded all they could, messed up the server, and then bragged about how they exploited 40 year old code. This time I don't know the details or the extent of the damage as I'm not directly involved with the project right now, so your guess is as good as mine. :-(
This stuff makes me sick...
Looks like something is happening on the CAL website...
It's back up! Hooray!

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