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mcarmichael Wrote:So, what are your thoughts on Paedo-baptism, Tex?

I was baptized Episcopalian, raised Fundie, baptized a second time, turned away, struggled with Hebrews for a while, currently high as a kite.

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I had to Google the term, up to speed now.

I do not understand and have no clue as to why people do that, as the infant by no means has made a decision to follow The Way of Yehoshua our Adon and Redeemer. So I being raised a Baptist have no clue as to why other faiths do such. I personally at this point in my understanding would not do such to my children, all the while I would circumcise any and all male children I happen to have.

I was herded through the baptistery as a young child in a Baptist Church as I was telling them I did not choose to do this, as they said don't worry it will be all right. I felt like I was being used in a ploy to run up their numbers game. I later as a teen was scared half to deaf by a hell fire and brimstone preacher and my parents ganging up on me so I let them baptize me again just in case it would keep me out of the Hell they where telling me about. I later at the age of thirty made a decision to follow after the Christian Jesus and got baptized again a third time into Christianity. Then in stead of just listening to the sermons I began to start reading the Word and started finding things being spoken from the pulpit were not in the Word of YHWH, so I started studying and made a conscience decision to Follow The Way of Yehoshua The Anointed One through the Netzari Trust and that's when I got Immersed in the horse troth being I finally meet-up with some other Netzari Believers of The Way of Yehoshua The Anointed One and decide I did not want to wait until some time that a more formal Immersion could be coordinated as I was not going to be there long enough for them to set such up and I did not know how long it might be before I got around other Believers again. As the old saying goes "better late than never" - I figured it's "better now than later".
Yeah but I do not follow practices just because they are old, I have to know why and did the Scripture instruct us to. I can find nothing in the Scriptures on this so I assume it was an added thing by men, therefor I am not bound t (i.e. - obligated) to do. Until some one can show me in the Scriptures where such took place then I really am not worried about such.
Will, have you considered where the Scriptures tie Circumcision to Baptism... see Col 2:11-12
Thirdwoe Wrote:Will, have you considered where the Scriptures tie Circumcision to Baptism... see Col 2:11-12

Chuck, I can see no relation between the verses you pointed out and the practice of baptizing babies (sprinkling water on their foreheads). For one the verses are speaking metaphorically about circumcision and not literally, and secondly they are talking to grown people that have made a conscious decision to follow after The Anointed One.

Anyway the way I see it is did Yehoshua get water sprinkled on his forehead when his parents took him to the Temple to be circumcised? If not then I see no reason as of yet according to the Scriptures to do such as a ritual to any offspring that I may have. Yet I do find it interesting that you a couple of verses in a chapter in which the context is being the admonishment not to be lead astray with man made doctrines.
Thirdwoe Wrote:What did these ones say were heretical that the Netzari teach? Do you have a list of all the Netzari doctrines? If so, I'd like to look them over.
OK, I have now gotten my new computer and have had an opportunity to go trough my files. But for the sake of not turning this thread into a whole another subject I will simply share a link to a PDF that has the matter you asked for within it, and those interested can read through it:

[the link did not completely pharse so one will need to copy and paste it into a web-browser]
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->)%20Scripture%20Stuff/004)%20Natzarim%20Yehudaism%20-%20PDFs/02)%20Netzarism%20vs%20Christianity.pdf

Thanks for the PDF, Will...I'll look it over and PM you. But 1st you will need to fix the it doesn't work.
Thirdwoe Wrote:Thanks for the PDF, Will...I'll look it over and PM you. But 1st you will need to fix the it doesn't work.
I know you can not click on it but if you copy and paste it into the web-browser it will work. I'm talking about the little box at the top of all webpages, not the one in the middle such as what Google or Bing has.

I do not know why this site does not completely pharse the links nor do I know how to make it do so. If anyone knows how I can fix links on this sight please share with me and I will fix it.
I've asked Will if he knew who wrote that article, but haven't heard back from him yet. Whoever wrote the piece has been very mislead, to the extreme. It's pretty sad really.
Thirdwoe Wrote:I've asked Will if he knew who wrote that article, but haven't heard back from him yet. Whoever wrote the piece has been very mislead, to the extreme. It's pretty sad really.
Patience is a virtue as I have many a things going on in my life other than just sitting at a computer, in which I am still trying to get things transferred over to. Of which one was having visitors over for the past two days, so I spent my spare time talking with them as opposed to sitting at he computer (did not want to be rude to the visitors).

Chuck, you will find that I have now addressed this with you in the private message. Shalom.
mcarmichael Wrote:I made a tinyurl link for you:

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mcamichael, much thanks for posting a fixed link.
I wish I knew how to do that as it would be a handy thing to know.
mcarmichael Wrote:You're welcome. <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

Hey I'm curious why did you get baptized? You mentioned circumcision before anyone else here, are you circumcised?
I was circumcised at birth, but if I had not of been I would had gotten it done by now anyway due to the Abrahamic Covenant.

And I got Immersed because we are told to do so in the ReNewed Covenant. I imagine it is like the second thing we are to do after accepting Yehoshua The Anointed One as or Adon and Redeemer, the first being repent of our sins.

Kayf[Peter] commanded all new believer to repent and be Immersed calling on the Authority of Yehoshua The Anointed One (see: Acts 2:38; 10:48), and KhananYahu[Ananias] told Shaul[Paul] to do the same (see: Acts 22:14). And many others in the ReNewed Covenant got Immersed as did our Adon and redeemer so I figure I should do as they did (see: Php 3:17).
Hey there mcarmichael, I just saw that you had commented here in an my email notices,

No I do not have any problem answering peoples questions, so please feel free to ask when ever you like. But I will say that when it is someone else's thread that off topic stuff should be done in private messages or start a new thread and invite the person you wish to converse with to it. Anyway I will answer you questions here but we should from now on respect the original topic and carry on off topic stuff else where.

So, yes I use English translations of the EASTERN PeshittA (which is so not the Western PeshittO). But so far I have not seen any verses that would make me to believe any different on circumcision than I do now. Then again I have not been studying The Aramaic that long yet and may eventually find what it is you refer too. Have to wait and see, I guess.

Also, I think you would be right to assume that circumcision would not be a natural thing for a man to choose to do, but many a man has undergone just such as commanded in the Abrahamic Covenant. I personally might choose to be put to sleep before the procedure, but as I said it was done at birth for me so I have no need to worry.
Circumcision for health reasons is a good idea. But if the sole reason someone decides to undergo circumcision is to please God, or to be perceived as following Gods laws, then it is a fruitless effort. It's not a bad thing, but it is a bad thing to think the act somehow makes your status with God as a fallen sinner any less than someone who is uncircumcised.

All the foreskins ever sheared off in the history of mankind do not amount to be a shadow of the work on the Cross. All the lambs blood ever shed by Levitical priests do not amount to one drop of our Saviours sweat while hanging on the Cross.

Circumcision was never to make one righteous with Elohim, it is simply a sign of the Covenant. I do not know why people try to make it out to be something other than that. And no it is not a sign one would go around waving in other faces, as more could get cut off than originally planned. So it ain't something to make one more righteous than others nor make them righteous in Elohim's eye either, one simply does it to as a sign that they are in covenant, which by the way does not effectively stop one from sinning as time goes by. So all those that wise to bypass the Abrahamic Covenant go right ahead on, but I would choose to accept the Covenant between Elohim and me personally. Also if one of the Hebrews in Egypt wanted to forego the sign of the blood on the door post would that have been a smart thing to do as it would not have made them any more so righteous than one that did put the blood on the door post as a sign so that the death Messenger would pass them by. I do not believe in the so-called pretrib rapture so I believe I would rather bear the sign as opposed to risk not bearing it when the pail horse rides by.

Oh and anyone that claims to except the Anointed One still sins and there deeds are like filthy rages and if they say otherwise they are a lier, period. So acting all righteous becuase they do no observe Torah is just as fony as they try and make out those that do. No one is justified except by the Works of The Anointed One, but being obedient is all together another story which it seems a many people try to forego claiming what's the use it will not make me righteous, really now, do as you please then but as for me and my house of one I will be obedient while in His House. If He says no smoking and be in by 10pm that is what I plain on doing instead of staying out all night claiming I am just as righteous as the one whom went home before 10pm, again really I say. Anyone can go right ahead an do as they see fit, but I will meditate upon and follow the Instruction my father wrote for me. And the Torah was never meant to be something one did to earn salvation it was simply a set of instructions to help bring one closer to Elohim in Spirit, so as to keep them from straying spiritually toward HaSawtawn's nature of things. Kinda like a fence around ones yard keeps their children from wondering off.

Any way if and when Elohim tell me I can stop observing the set of instructions he set forth to help keep me out of HaSawtawn's realm then I will stop, but until then no amount of Lawless teaching from men will persuade me other wise.

Long Live Adon Yah and His Torah, along with the Words of (Eatern) PeshittA! Awmayn.

YHWH bless y'all and keep thee;
YHWH cause His face to shine on y'all, and be gracious to y'all;
YHWH lift up His face to y'all, and give y'all shalom.

Your Brother in Yehoshua The Anointed One.


P.S. - for those that do not want Torah then please disregard the above blessing at your own risk. As the one speaking the Torah blessing over people can not be held liable if it does not take.
TheTexasRat (Will)

Please read, re-read, and re-read again and again, Chapter 5 of The Apostle Paul's Letter unto The the Peshitta text.

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