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"the lord of the gods" in Acts 14:12
I was reading in Acts a few days ago and noticed something.

Acts 14: 12-13

The Aramaic New Testament text has:

12 And they called Barnabas 'mare alahe' (the lord of the gods), and Paul 'hermes', on account that he had begun with the matter.

13 And the priest of mare alahe {the lord of the gods}, that one who was outside of the city, brought oxen and crowns unto the gate of the courtyard of the place which they were lodging, and was desiring that he might sacrifice unto them.

Some observations:

The Greek text have "dia" in vs 12 and "dios" in vs 13, which is the Greeks name for "zeus", who the Greeks considered to be "the lord of the gods". And it has "hermes" in its text in vs 12, just as the Aramaic text has.

The Latin text has it as "lovem" in vs 12 and "Iovis" in vs 13, which is the Romans name for "jupiter" who the Romans considered to be "the lord of the gods", while it has mercurium (mercury) in vs 12.

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