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The Crawford Codex of Revelation ? Glaser Transcript
Chronicling the Crawford Codex of Revelation.

You can click the above link for my spreadsheet that is tracking each Aramaic letter in the Crawford codex. I?m comparing this ancient codex against the standard Peshitto version used by Magiera & Bauscher. I?ve marked variances in blue font -- so people seeking the most ancient reading available today can quickly identify Crawford?s uniqueness by going directly to the blue characters on my spreadsheet.

The Crawford codex archived in the Special Collections Department of the University of Manchester (Rylands) is considered the oldest Aramaic copy of the Book of Revelation. I obtained digital photographs of this codex directly from Rylands Library, so my work is not dependent on the Gwynn Transcript (1897), though I am cross-referencing Gwynn to triple-check my own accuracy (which also involves scribal letter-counting), and because I desire to check Gwynn?s work. I have found three instances so far where Gwynn requires correction: Revelation 2:12, 2:13, and 2:23.

I love this project; the Book of Revelation is awe-inspiring and I think the greatest promise mankind has ever received. I?ve already been blessed by the Father to reveal that Yahshua?s seven assemblies, when mapped out on the earth using this Aramaic text, form a sword & shepherd?s staff.

And I?ve been led to find other codes in the bible as well, hidden mathematical meanings. That is why I am so motivated to accurately record the Crawford codex of Revelation in numerical form inside a spreadsheet at this time. I?m also in the process of going deeper with algorithms that search the codex for numerical patterns and the representation of physical phenomena like natural coupling constants, the golden ratio, and light mechanics.

My goal is to release the first code findings of this project this summer at dylh code worker. Just like here at, my work has no copyrights. Matthew 10:8. The work will be presented in a format where anyone with the necessary aptitude can use my spreadsheet format to examine their own texts (i.e., the gospel of Matthew, or the novel Crime & Punishment, or even a random series of letters) and run their own searches to look for number patterns. Mathematicians are also encouraged to participate by writing their own algorithms.

In the meantime, I?ll be slowly adding more chapters to the Crawford Codex spreadsheet (my goal is 1-2 chapters per week), so you can follow along if you like.

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